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Fraud Prevention Tips For Buyers

Personally inspect the item

The best way to avoid fraud and make sure you know the condition of the item you are going to buy is to shop locally. If you cannot go inspect the item for sale try to find a volunteer inspector to go take a look for you or consider using a local RV dealer or repair shop.

Verify the buyer or seller

Another important aspect of ensuring a smooth transaction is to verify that the other party is who they say they are.  Chat with them on the phone, find out who they are, how long have they owned the RV, who did they buy it from? Get their full name, address, and the address of the item. Connect with them on Facebook, search for their name and phone number on Google.  Search Google Maps for the address and use the satellite view to see if the item is there or the address looks legitimate. You can also click the link in the ad on their username and look to see when they registered, how many posts they have on the forums, etc.

Use safe methods for financial transactions

ONLY use as the escrow service to protect your transaction. Make sure you are not using a site that looks similar like as this is a common method of fraud.

Wire Transfer, Paypal and Cashiers/Certified checks are not secure ways to complete a transaction. Scammers may request a deposit by wire transfer or certified check because there are few safeguards in place to protect the buyer.  Do not send a deposit by wire or money transfer. The only truly safe way to pay online for an RV you’ve never physically seen is to use a service like

TIPS FOR BUYERS: Be skeptical of a seller who does is not open and direct about their identity or location.   Be sure to ask if they are the owner of record for the item and have the title in their possession.  Consider googling the pictures and text in the ad to see if the same item appears on other ads across the country - this is a clear sign of a scam.  Here are a few more common ways to spot a problem ad.

  • E-mail address is posted in Ad description. Some sellers post their contact info in the body of an ad.  While this does not necessarily mean the ad is a scam, we recommend using the contact seller link as this communication goes through the verified account of the site.
  • Ads asking that you "send text for details".  Avoid these ads as this often is the mark of a seller who may be trying to mask their identity.
  • Very low price: If the price is too good to be true there is probably a reason.
  • Overseas listing or a seller who claims to be overseas or selling for someone who is overseas.  A common scam is "I am selling this for my friend who is in the military and on assignment"
  • Ads with phone numbers that encourage you to leave a message for a return call.

TIPS FOR SELLERS:  Be skeptical of a buyer who wants to use only e-mail or text message to arrange a sale. Avoiding communications through trackable service (like our classifieds system) may be suspicious.  A legitimate buyer will want to speak with you directly to discuss details of the item and will be willing to share contact information with you. It is reasonable for a buyer to inspect a rig or to have a friend do this BUT beware of the following signs of a scam:

  • Buyer requests an inspection and asks seller to pay for it.
  • Buyer requests inspection and wants to use an internet based service that specializes in inspections such as Helping Hands Ministry, Easy Go Auto, or Your Auto Brokers.  These and more like these are really just scammers with legitimate looking websites.  

Other Common Scams

  • Offering to deposit money in your bank in excess of the value of your vehicle, then asking you to forward the difference to them. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably it is!
  • Offering to deposit money in your bank in excess of the value of your vehicle, then asking you to forward the difference to them. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably it is!
  • Buyer has a shipping agent:  Buyer may claim they have an agent who will arrange shipping or vehicle transport. The Buyer may offer to deposit funds in excess of the purchase price so you can pay the shipping agent at the time of pickup.

Please read this alert on common banking scams:

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